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August 22, 2011, 9:08 am
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Are you in need of inspiration, encouragement, and support in your homeschool journey? Is your time precious, your money tight, and your desire to improve your homeschool on your to-do list? All of us at The Old Schoolhouse is very pleased to announce an inspiring, new opportunity: The Old Schoolhouse’s FREE Classes! We have a vibrant lineup of topics scheduled and more to come!
Here is the schedule of our FREE Classes:

New webinars coming soon!

The price simply cannot be beat as it is all FREE! Here’s how each of the The Old Schoolhouse’s FREE Classes will be set up:
FREE Class Title: An exciting topic drawn from all kinds of homeschool subject matter!
Main Presentation: Learn more from a company with expertise in the topic area.
Rolled into one fantastic FREE Class.
  • FREE Classes!

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