June 21, 2010, 6:45 pm
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*Disclaimer regarding FREE CLASSES (“Classes”): Signing up for FREE Classes does not guarantee admission to or the ability to attend the relevant class.  Class participation is limited to the first 1,000 people to enter the virtual session “room” on the day and at the time of the scheduled Class. Persons signing up for Classes will be admitted to Class sessions on a first-arrived, first-served basis until the Class session is full.  The order in which people sign up for Classes has no bearing on admission or admittance to the Class on the day of the event. Admittance to the virtual “waiting room” does not constitute a guarantee of admittance to the Class session.  The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, LLC, and its affiliates, sponsors, managers, and directors, as well as other sponsors of the class (individually and collectively, “Sponsors”) make no guarantees and specifically disclaim all liability for and relating to any individual’s ability, inability, and/or failure to attend any Class or session.  Prompt login to the session waiting room at the scheduled arrival time may increase the likelihood of obtaining a spot in the Class.  Attendees who lose Internet connectivity or leave the session after entering may not be able to reconnect or re-enter.  Participants are advised that the Class Sponsors do not limit the number of people who sign up for Classes and that more people may sign up to attend any given Class than the number of spaces available to attend the relevant Class.  Signing up to attend a Class constitutes the individual’s acknowledgment that signing up does not guarantee admission, agreement to and acceptance of the risk of non-entry or non-attendance, and agreement to hold the Sponsors harmless from and against any claim, loss, damage, or result of the individual’s ability or inability to actually attend the Class.

Although The Old Schoolhouse® does not sell attendees’ personal information, the names and e-mail contact information of all persons who sign up to attend a Class will be provided to the individuals and/or companies sponsoring and/or teaching the relevant Class session, and that those third parties may use your name and/or e-mail contact information for survey and/or advertising purposes.  Signing up to attend a class constitutes your agreement to this disclosure and use of your personal contact information.”

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