Road to Math Confidence and Proficiency: Parents as Partners
September 28, 2010, 6:59 pm
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Road to Math Confidence and Proficiency: Parents as Partners

Presenter: Dr. Christine Moynihan, Chairperson of TenMarks Education’s Education Advisory Board

This FREE Class was recorded on Oct. 28, 2010

Mathematics is a dynamic and exciting subject that is a key foundation for a successful future.  Research and experience have helped to shape current curricula and guide basic learning objectives.

Gain a deeper understanding of research that has shaped current curricula.  Explore some key concepts and processes as well as add to your repertoire of teaching strategies and tools.  Join Dr. Christine Moynihan to see, hear, and even do the type of mathematics that can lead to a bounty of rich and meaningful mathematical thinking.

This Webinar will help you:

  • Expand your repertoire of teaching strategies;
  • Generate, sustain, and extend student excitement and enthusiasm about mathematics;
  • Set a context for understanding the reasons for recent changes in mathematics teaching and learning;
  • Identify the role of mathematics in attaining 21st century skills…

… all leading to students believing themselves to be competent mathematical thinkers!

You may either watch the video or download the audio by making your choice below.

Download Audio (.mp3) file: Road to Math Confidence and Proficiency: Parents as Partners (large file – approximately 70MB)

About the Presenter:

Dr. Christine Moynihan – Chairperson of TenMarks Education’s Education Advisory Board

Dr. Chris Moynihan is an educational consultant who works with public and private schools to improve the quality of education for students. Chris applies her 30 years of experience as an elementary principal, classroom teacher, tutor and curriculum specialist in math and science, to help deliver math instruction of the highest integrity and relevance. Chris holds a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Boston College with a specialization in mathematics education. She enjoys sharing her expertise and passion for learning and is the co-author of Open-ended Questions in Elementary Mathematics: Instruction and Assessment (2000).

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